Congratulations to this year’s winners!



First Place STEM Winner,Shili Xu from the School of Pharmacy with Executive Vice Provost, Michael Quick. His project was titled “Discovery of a novel irreversible PDI Inhibitor for Ovarian Cancer Treatment.”

Second Place STEM Winner:

Curtis Lee, “The Parylene Sheath Electrode,” Viterbi School of Engineering

Third Place STEM Winner:

Morgan Canon Levine, “Not All Smokers Die Young: A Model for Hidden Heterogeneity within the Human Population,” Davis School of Gerontology


untitled shoot-256First Place Social Sciences/Humanities winner, Patrick Beck, Davis School of Gerontology with Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Sally Pratt. His project was titled: “What Factors Influence Insurance Policyholders to make Universal Design Modifications Following a Major Claim?”

Social Sciences/Humanities Second Place Winner:

Susan Geffen “When and how infants distinguish between statements and questions,” Dornsife College, Department of Psychology

Social Sciences/Humanities Third Place Winner:

Emily Gee “Engaging or Enraging: Political Talk on Facebook,” Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


Finalists have been selected, we’ll see you there!

Finalists have been selected, we'll see you there!

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The rumors are true…

The rumors are true...

The abstract deadline has been extended one week. Submit your 300-word abstract to by 5pm on Tuesday, 2/19/13.

You’ve come to the right place…

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This year will be the USC Graduate Student Government’s fifth year hosting the Graduate Research Symposium.  In previous years this event has been known as the “Poster Symposium.”  This year however, the symposium is going digital and participants will present their research on a single Powerpoint slide. Here are the basic details:


Any currently enrolled graduate or professional student at USC.


A symposium presenting the top research produced by USC Graduate Students. Each student will get 5 minutes to present their research on a single power point slide (think TED talks).  The emphasis should be on the broader relevance of their findings and contribution to their field.  First prize from each field (STEM and Social Science/Humanities) is $1500.


The Tutor Campus Center Grand Ballroom


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

STEM Graduate Students: 9am-12pm

Social Science/Humanities Graduate Students: 1pm-4pm


1.Submit your abstract (maximum 300 words) by 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 to

uscgraduateresearchsymposium [at] gmail [dot] com.

2. If your abstract is selected as a semi-finalist, you will be asked to submit a 5 minute video of your presentation and the Powerpoint slide for review.

3. Forty finalists (20 from STEM fields and 20 from Social Science/Humanities) will be chosen to present at the Graduate Research Symposium on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

4. First prize from each field (STEM and Social Science/Humanities) is $1500. Second and third place will also receive cash prizes, the amount is TBD.


First see our FAQ page. Then if you still have Q’s….


3 tips for submitting a successful abstract

Abstracts for the 5th Annual GSG Graduate Research Symposium are due February 12 by 5pm to


1. Include the BASICS

Make sure all of your information is there: Name, Student ID #, Department, Sub-field (where

relevant), Year in the program

2. Focus should be on RELEVANCE.

This year, we are stressing the importance of the findings from your research.  This means your abstract should explain why/how your research contributed to your field and the broader impact these findings have for future studies.

3. Write for NON-EXPERTS

Since our abstracts reviewers and faculty judges come from diverse academic disciplines, make sure your abstract is written not for experts in your field, but for a general academic audience.  Avoid acronyms and field-specific jargon wherever possible.


USC GSG GRS 2013 GSG GRS 2013 INFO SessionThis is the place you can come to find all the details about USC’s 5th Annual Graduate Research Symposium: how to submit, how to present, and where to watch it!