What happened to the Poster Symposium?

After four successful years, we’ve incorporated your feedback for a new and improved symposium format.  The poster format required substantial cost for printing, Powerpoint slides are free.  Furthermore, as this is intended to be a showcase of USC’s best graduate student research, we wanted to make sure each student is given equal time to share their research.  Since this is not a field-specific conference, the emphasis should be on broader significance of your project’s findings and impact on your field. This new format will also allow for greater professional development as you have the opportunity to succinctly demonstrate the importance of your research, a skill every graduate student must learn.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any currently enrolled graduate or professional student at USC.  You may be asked to provide proof of current enrollment.

Can I present previously presented research?

Yes, as long as it has not been presented at this event before (i.e. you cannot re-enter previous posters from the GSG/GPSS Poster Symposium).

Can my slide have animation or film?

Yes, within reason.  The animation or film should be meant to enhance your presentation, not replace it.

Can I have more than one slide?

No. One slide, that’s the rule.

Can I present without a slide?

No, all entries must include a slide.

What should my slide look like?

It’s up to you, but keep in mind the slide will be projected in the Tutor Campus Center Grand Ballroom, so avoid putting things on your slide that will be hard to see from the audience.

How much time will I have to present?

Presentations are not to exceed five minutes.  Think of it as an elevator speech meets a TED talk.

Who are the judges?

The judges are faculty members from a variety of disciplines.  If you are a STEM student, you will be judged only by STEM faculty.  If you are a Social Science/Humanities student, you will be judged only by Social Science/Humanities faculty.

How are the presentations evaluated?

More on this soon…

Who can attend the symposium?

Anyone is welcome to attend the symposium on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.  Friends, family, colleagues, advisers  are all welcome.

Are collaborative or group research projects allowed?

Yes, but teams will be evaluated as a single entry. So if you are selected to present, you will be given the same five minute time limit to present.  Additionally, should a team project win, the prize money will be split among the team, separate fellowships will not be awarded.


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